Innocent Woman, The Karen Lucchesi Story

My name is Karen Lucchesi, and I lived the American Dream. I have a devoted family and a baseball-legend father. Being diagnosed with Lupus gave me the opportunity to better my life and make a difference for others.
We receive encouragement from people in our lives that help us understand that our issues, problems, illnesses and losses are but stepping stones to our purpose, our path in life which creates who we are, what we are supposed to do on this planet to support ourselves and others. For me, it’s take lemons and make lemonade.
I completely immersed myself into researching my own personal health options. Instead of just following the suggested protocol for this debilitating disease, I began to seek alternative methods of treatment to save my life. Healthy living and the journey to reclaim my health led me to develop a total wellness center instead of just another salon. I opened my second day spa while continuing to discover and pursue alternative treatment methods. My research was non-stop for three years until I created a wellness alternative to Western medicine.
I was in the process of expanding my day spa with over 3,000 clients from my second location to move into the first wellness center in the Texas area. My vision of helping others on their road to health and healthy living was an obsession and becoming a reality. I was making Lemonade! I was nominated Woman of the Year by Northeast Tarrant County. La Plaza Wellness Center was awarded Business of the Year and was featured in the top Spa Magazine in the country as one of the top wellness centers in the USA. We also appeared in Glamour, Redbook and Marie Claire magazines. Things were really rocking for me!
Then, after about four successful years and transitioning into three total wellness centers spanning from Texas to the Cayman Islands, my life was suddenly turned upside down and abruptly interrupted. A man I called a friend, my corporate advisor and attorney, AnandAlloju, and his wife, Lisa, joined forces with a government agent to perform a sting operation on my thriving business.
That’s right. I was framed for laundering money. I believed that Americans were innocent until proven guilty, but are we merely guilty until proven innocent? And, will you REALLY be given a chance to prove your innocence if you are ever charged with a crime?
I was betrayed, deceived and convicted of a crime I did not commit. My personal moral code and ethics were put to the test. My freedom of speech threatened. My physical health and safety ignored. The justice system I believed in let me down. My family suffered. My reputation was battered. My business destroyed. But, I was not broken. I’m sharing my story with the hope you can apply the lessons I’ve learned to protect yourself personally and professionally.
This is my story.



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