Mind, Body and Beauty

para serbit Vejvoda

In 2015 I began again, realizing my dream of creating a high quality, luxurious skin care line that clients could customize to meet their own specific needs. Along with my business partner and time spent at Cosmetic Labs we developed the Booster Infusion System™ and subsequently founded Elle Marie Beauty. I have had 20 years of experience in the wellness and beauty industry, including a modeling background and expertise in business development and management.

Healthy skin begins with a healthy lifestyle. Everything we put into out body we have discovered can be put on the outside of your body. Many botanicals are actives and renew your skin. A perfect example is a Tinted Anti -aging moisturizer with a SPF by Elle Marie Beauty http://www.ellemariebeauty.com/. It has ingredients that nourish the skin such as Milk Lipids, Berries for antioxidants, Algae and watermelon for anti-aging and bacteria fighting. Healthy skin begins with what we each and drink and then what we put on the skin. Water is most important to hydrate body and skin. Also eating plenty of antioxidants like watermelon, it has 16 properties and can be used inside the body and as an ingredient for the skin care you use. We have so many both scientific and botanical ways to treat ourselves they are fabulous. Finally all this ties into the mind for a healthy mind, body and spirit.



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